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Weight Loss IV (Lipotropic) Therapy

If you are dieting, exercising, or hit a plateau on your active lifestyle journey, the Shylee Skin & Wellness Weight Loss IV (Lipotropic) therapy is naturally formulated to help transition your body to breakdown fat for energy and decrease body fat. This is a great option for anyone focusing on weight loss, building lean muscle, or optimizing an active lifestyle.

Do Weight Loss IVs Really Work?

It’s true — weight loss IV drip treatments boost weight loss by making you the healthiest version of yourself. By supplying your body with vitamins, fluids and other nutrients, weight loss IVs give your body the building blocks it needs to lose weight effectively.

Alongside a healthy exercise and diet routine, weight loss IV therapy can help you drop pounds and feel like the best version of yourself.

Benefits of Weight Loss IVs

The benefits of weight loss IVs include:

  • Optimize vitamin levels: Weight loss IV drips help you restore energy levels by delivering large doses of electrolytes and vitamins.
  • Help you recover more quickly after a workout: IV weight loss drip treatments help you recover from workouts faster and ensure your body doesn’t suffer from the deficiencies that can occur from overexertion.
  • Give your adrenal gland a boost: Weight loss IV drips can help you fight adrenal fatigue to help you shed excess pounds. When you give your adrenal glands a boost, you help your metabolism operate at its peak.
  • Maximize your vitamin absorption: Most people only and minerals they ingest orally. With an IV drip, however, you’re able to absorb a much higher percentage of the nutrients you take in.
  • Improve your sleep: Sleep is one of the critical elements of an effective weight loss strategy. It’s while you sleep that your body can begin to repair abnormalities in its daily functions.

How to Lose Weight: Exercise, Diet and IV Therapy

Weight loss IV therapy boosts your metabolism by supplying a combination of fluids, lipotropics, and a unique formulation of vitamins. While IV weight loss treatments cannot act as a substitute for proper nutrition or replace exercise, they can be an excellent weight loss solution alongside healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Our Weight Loss IV Drip treatment contains lipotropics, which are compounds that help your body break down fat naturally. Weight loss IV therapy, when used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, can:

  • Help boost your metabolism at the cellular level.
  • Support your circulatory system.
  • Help build and support muscle growth.
  • Help detoxify your body by removing heavy metals.
  • Aid in removing free radicals from your body that contribute to aging, cell damage and changes in metabolism.
  • Help you burn fat more efficiently and give you more energy in day-to-day life.

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